6 ways to support your favourite bloggers

Source: pixabay.com @Foundry
Source: pixabay.com @Foundry

Great bloggers work really hard to bring you interesting content each week. Countless hours of research, writing, editing, photography, coding and a lot of behind the scenes work goes on that you will probably never know about. And you know, it costs money to run a blog. There are all kinds of fees for buying a domain, web hosting, blog tools, advertising and so on. Add to this, for many bloggers, this is their second job that they juggle around many other responsibilities. Honestly? Blogging can be hard, but rewarding work.

If your favourite blogger is anything like me, they are probably pretty busy! I have a full time job, two young kids, a family, a house, a social life, exercise, quilting and blogging to try fit into the week. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for quids. I love blogging as part of my business. But, with the support of my readers, it makes it worthwhile. I am so lucky to have a great community around me, who are engaged, active and supportive.

I have put this list to together so that you will get a bit of insight into what goes on to run a blog and find ways that you can help support your favourite bloggers so they can keep blogging great content for you.

1. Buy their products

If your favourite blogger has a shop and you love their stuff, you should purchase from them. Many bloggers will be supplementing their income with the items they sell from their shop. Whether it is a digital download or handmade items, buying from the bloggers shop will directly help them in the most direct possible way.

2. Read and comment on their blog

Blog stats are really important for a blogger’s profile; however, blog engagement is another thing all together. If your find a post interesting leave them a comment. As a blogger, your comments mean so, so much more than any number of visits. I want to have a conversation and engage with you, so leave me a comment and let me know what you are thinking!

3. Share and follow their content on social media

If you like a post, tell your friends about it! Everybody loves a recommendation, so share on Facebook, tweet the link or pin the content. Chances are, if you like the content, your friends will too. While you are on social media, make sure you follow or like their accounts. Social media is a great way to connect immediately and build relationships in your community.

4. Use their affiliate links

Affiliate links are coded links which track sales. If you click on an affiliate link and make a sale, your favourite blogger will get a commission on each and every sale, at no cost to you. Some blogs have ads in their sidebar, header or hooter which you can click on and follow through to that site. Often blogs will include links within a post, for example, a book review may include a link to an online book store where you can purchase the book. If you choose to buy the book, the blogger will get a referral commission on your sales.

5. Sign up to their newsletter

Another really easy way to connect with and support your favourite blogger. Newsletters are a great way for the blogger to connect in a slightly different way and give you direct content. Most bloggers will offer you an incentive to join (bonus!) and will give you exclusive content through their subscription service.

6. Support their sponsors.

Blog sponsors will pay for their ads in the sidebars or sponsor specific blog posts, which gives bloggers another little revenue stream. If you support the people who support your favourite blog, they will continue to sponsor and offer great products. Win win all around!

Well, there you go, 6 really easy ways to support your favourite bloggers. And the best thing is, many of these options don’t cost you anything but will mean the world to your me (or whoever else your favourite blogger might be).

10 thoughts on “6 ways to support your favourite bloggers

  1. Love it Crystal! I think #1 is really important, because there is SO MUCH cool stuff being sold by small business owners that is way nicer than something you could get from a big box store, and you’re supporting someones livelihood and dreams at the same time. Win/win!

    1. I have to agree, there is so much awesome, creative stuff coming out from small business owners. As you would know, it is so satisfying to know that someone likes your stuff enough to put their hand in their pocket.

  2. Thank you for that information, in the past I have seen a few book referrals on blogs and thought I want that book. I usually ended up surfing the internet for the book later and buying it that way, I never thought that going through the side links could make a difference. I shall try to mend my ways

    1. Thanks Lisa! I know your favourite bloggers will appreciate the support.

  3. Great post Crystal. 🙂

  4. Great post Crystal and all so true.
    I’ll share this around tomorrow , thanks!

  5. Great post Crystal. Some excellent ideas there, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Crystal, it has been so good to read your blog today. I honestly did not know anything of the nitty gritty behind having a blog.in particular about the positive benefit to the blogger on recommended book sales. I am guilty of going off and shopping around too but no more! I have purchased patterns by the author from their shop when available. Love to be more familiar withe the project when I am making it. Catch you again next blog! Kindest regards, RobynAnn

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