Modern Colour Workshop

 I can’t tell you just how excited I am to be releasing the Modern Colour Workshop. I have been writing, tweaking, editing and adding to this book for months now. I am so proud of this book.

The Modern Colour Workshop ebook covers the basics of colour theory and explores how it relates to choosing fabrics for your quilts. You will learn about colour relationships and why they matter, how to curate a colour palette using an inspiration source, find a way to use that ‘ugly’ fabric.

The ebook also includes the instructions to complete the colour wheel quilt featured on the cover.

Download the Modern Colour Workshop now. Yay!

 Modern Colour Workshop

Introducing the Modern Colour Workshop ebook


Just as a painter creates art with paint, a quilter creates art with fabric.

If you ask me, one of the most enjoyable parts of making a quilt is playing with the fabric. I love creating colour combinations with the fabrics from my stash. There are often little piles of fabric around the house, waiting to become a quilt. They don’t always grow up to become something more, but the potential is there.

Sometimes my quilts start with the fabrics and other times, a quilt pattern needs a fabric palette.

While I don’t want to dictate what colours you should love and want to use, I would love to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, add more variety to your quilts and become more confident creating your future projects.

Choosing the right fabric palette for a quilt can definitely be overwhelming at times. I have developed this book as a workshop to help you understand colour, and how to use it for quilting. We will go through four creative exercises to help you explore colour and put your learning into practice. Next time you make a quilt you can refer back to these exercises and use them to develop your own dynamic fabric palettes.

A rainbow of fabric

A rainbow of fabric

Launch week fun

Just thought I would mention while I have you, for the launch week, we will be having a look at each of the creative exercises. I want to keep this fun and easy for everyone, so you can take part by playing along with the hashtag on Instagram and the Raspberry Spool Sewing Club on Facebook. I would absolutely love you to include in your posts what you have learned through the exercises, because that’s kind of the point of the book!

The hashtag on Instagram is #moderncolourworkshop

Nothing quite like colour!

Nothing quite like colour!

Inspiration Mini Quilt Swap

I am also going to run a mini quilt swap, based on creative exercise three. The idea is that you submit an inspiration image and your partner makes you a mini quilt based on that. If you want to be involved in that as well, that would be wonderful too!

Sign up for the Inspiration mini quilt swap here

Key dates:

  • Sign up to the mini quilt swap by 23 April 2016.
  • Partners will be sent out via email by 30 April 2016.
  • Your mini quilt swap must be sent out by 30 June 2016.

Rules and Guidelines for the swap:

  • First of all, have fun! Enjoy making and challenging yourself.
  • Swapping Karma is a thing. Make great work and you will get great work. Use the best quality materials you have and you will get the same back.
  • Upload your inspiration photo for your partner to use. Give a little information about your photo including credit if you didn’t take it.
  • Once you have your partners details and inspiration photo, use creative exercise three to guide the fabric palette.
  • You can make you mini quilt using any pattern or style. Modern or traditional. It’s up to you as the maker.
  • The quilt should measure a minimum of 12″ on any side and a maximum of 24″ on any side. The shape is up for grabs.
  • This is a surprise swap. Don’t reveal your partners until they receive your quilt. You can post updates and progress shots on social media though, in fact, that would be wonderful! We all want to see what you are up to. Use the hashtags #moderncolourworkshop and #inspirationminiquiltswap.
  • Email your host to confirm that you have sent and received you mini swap quilt so they can keep track of the quilts. If you have any issues at all, early communication is key. Life happens, but remember the swapping karma.

Download the Modern Colour Workshop now. Yay!

 Well, I think that about covers it. If you have a moment, let me know what you think of the book!