Humans of Quiltcon

Meet some of the amazing people I met at Quiltcon and hear their stories with the Humans of Quiltcon. I would love to hear your stories of Quiltcon too! What was your favourite class? Did you learn anything new or maybe you had an awesome experience that you would like to share? Leave a comment and tell us your Quiltcon story.

4 thoughts on “Humans of Quiltcon

  1. I volunteered on Sunday afternoon to take down quilts. many of the volunteers were tired and hungry and had been on their feet for hours. I was paired with Jessie, who was from Seattle. The signs next to the quilts in the show were held with straight pins, and Jessie needed a place to put them as we took them down. She went to look for a container and asked the people in the Michael Miller booth, which was breaking down nearby. They gave her an entire bolt of white Cotton Couture! She came back a new woman, smiling and cradling her bolt. We stuck the pins in it until someone brought us a box. It was so cool to witness a little Quiltcon miracle– a hard working volunteer getting an unexpected but very deserved reward. I hope she got her bolt back to Seattle alright.

    1. What a great surprise! I love that asking for a pin cushion turned into a whole bolt, lucky duck! Glad you enjoyed volunteering at the show. I know so many volunteers worked so hard to make the show really special.

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