Visiting Austin

Although my trip to Austin was a quick one, I was able to see as much of the city, just as far as my feet would take me from our downtown hotel. Our first day was taken up with gathering supplies while we waited for our bags to arrive after many hours travelling. After a quick trip to Target, an amazing coffee and a bite to eat, we made our way up to South Congress to visit the famous Uncommon Objects. We weren’t allowed to take photos in there, but I can tell you that there were so many lovely trinkets as well as a few old quilts to delight us. A trip in to marvel at the boots in Allen’s Boots with it’s wall to wall leather boots in all shapes, sizes and colours was another highlight from the street.

I have curated a selection of my photos from my week visiting Austin, Texas. They include some of the unexpected moments and places I came across while roaming around the city. I know I needed far more time to uncover all the treasures I’m sure are hidden in the many layers of this unique place.

Austin01 Austin02 Austin03 Austin04 Austin05 Austin06 Austin07 Austin08

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