Auditioning for Sew-vivor

Deep breath.

I have decided to enter into Sew-vivor

This year is a quilter’s edition and as a quilter, I am thinking this will be challenging, hectic and a heap  of fun. I am always looking for ways to stretch myself and I really believe this will be a a great way. I have lots of ideas brewing for the challenges too… If only I could shut it off sometimes! There are also some really great judges, including Sarah Fielke, Jeni Baker and Amy Newbold.

Modern Medallion quilt
Introducing the Modern Medallion quilt

What is Sew-vivor?

It’s a sewing competition run by Rach on the Family Ever After blog and its loosely inspired by the show Survivor (obvs). This is the third season and the main idea is that anyone can audition, judges help choose the 16 contestants there are 4 weeks of sewing competition with specific challenges and a couple Sew-vivor “twists” along the way. The judges and public vote for their favorites after each challenge. The winners score some amazing prizes at the end. Sounds fun, right?

I’m entering the Modern Medallion quilt as my audition piece

This quilt represents me and who I want to be as a quilter. Modern, fresh and a bit cheeky.

The Modern Medallion is designed from the centre out. Multiple borders surround the central medallion using a variety of modern quilting techniques, such as improv foundation piecing, wonky piecing and free hand curves. One thing I love about modern quilting is letting go of perfection and precise points. I  love embracing the improvisational nature of creating one of a kind quilt. You could make it ten times over and always end up with a different quilt. I love that.

Fingers crossed that I get into Sew-vivor season three! I can’t wait to see all the awesome quilty goodness that comes from the competition.

16 thoughts on “Auditioning for Sew-vivor

  1. Best of luck to you! Here’s hoping you have a boat load of fun.:)

    1. Thanks Audrey! I hope so too 🙂

  2. what an awesome quilt!
    i love the colors in it, that’s for sure.
    best of luck to you

    1. Thanks for stopping by Emily and I appreciate your kind words x

  3. best of luck, the Modern Medallion is a fabulous quilt + pattern, I am positive you will soon be part of the tribe! Looking forward to seeing your Sewvivor projects. Cat x

  4. Aw, thanks Cat x It means a lot coming from you! Bring on Quilt Con!

  5. You piece wonderfully! I love all of the bright colors and the use of the pink bike path fabric as one of your borders. So much awesomeness here! Best, Kate

  6. What a great sounding challenge!! Good luck.

  7. Good luck… it looks like fun. If I wasn’t off to the UK – no internet or sewing machine i might audition too. I do however get to go to Festival of Quilts in Birmingham …look forward to hopefully reading about your progress when I get back!

  8. I am just so impressed. This is one of the most amazing quilts I’ve ever seen. You’re incredibly talented! Best of luck!

  9. Good Luck Crystal. Love all your pics but the 2nd one I haven’t seen I love it.

  10. I would LOVE to see you make this quilt 10 different times! It’s so so so awesome. I’m so glad you entered it in Sewvivor!

  11. I love this quilt and your photos! Good luck!

  12. That is such a cheerful quilt and the fabric and colors just make me happy! Such a good job !

  13. Yours quilt looks amazing. Best of luck my Aussie quilter…

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