Texas Quilt Museum

Last year my Modern Medallion quilt was accepted into the Texas Quilt Museum as part of the Modern Quilt Guild exhibit.

Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, Texas.
Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, Texas.

Although I am not able to go along and see the quilt hanging myself, my dad just happened to be travelling in America, and through Texas!  He made a special trip to La Grange just to visit the museum, which was unfortunately closed the day he and his friends went. He did still take a couple of picture for me, managing to sneak a photo of my quilt through the window…

Texas Quilt Museum
Dad standing in front of the mural at the museum; designed by Duana Gill and painted by Brent McCarthy


Open since 2011, the Texas Quilt Museum, is housed in two historic 1890s buildings, repurposed to showcase both antique and contemporary quilts from across the world with their high ceilings, brick walls, and original hardwood floors. Rather than house a permanent collection of their own, the museum rotates exhibitions throughout the year. I see that later in this year, the museum will host Bill Volckening’s New York Beauties collection.

The Modern Medallion quilt through the window
The Modern Medallion quilt through the window

At this stage there hasn’t been much information about the exhibit so I’m not sure who else has quilts hanging in the exhibition, although I have seen one hanging by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Hopefully more comes to light before the end of the exhibition in April!

7 thoughts on “Texas Quilt Museum

  1. How exciting, you must be very proud! I expect that your Dad is too!

    1. Yep, I am super proud of all Crystals achievements!

    2. Thanks Judith – It was wonderful to be selected. And I do have a super dad who is always encouraging, even going out of his way with his mates to take a look at my quilt!

  2. Too bad your Dad couldn’t get into the museum……great quilt!

    1. I know! I believe the museum is run by volunteers and so opening times are restricted…

  3. Congratulations! I’ll bet some of the members of the Austin MQG will be making a field trip out there and would be able to get you more information.

    1. I hope so! There really hasn’t been much information on the exhibit at the museum so far…

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