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For my birthday this year, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop at the Makers’ Hub. The Maker’s Hub is a local Canberra business, owned and run by Mikaela, who might just be as obsessed with craft as I am. Mikaela has built a beautiful space, full of amazing texture and crafty goodness. They run so many great workshops like Crochet, sewing, graphic design and even small business. There is even some awesome equipment like a printing press, kiln and 3D printer (um, whaaaaat?). If you are in the Canberra area, I definitely recommend you check out on what’s on offer. If you are not a local, you can always have a read of the Maker’s online magazine, which is jam packed full of crafty articles, DIYs and beautiful photos.


But back to the workshop! I wanted to try something completely different, so I chose the silver jewellery class. I have to tell you, I absolutely loved it! You could choose what you wanted to make and I loved the idea of making a set of textured stackers. I tried out four texturing techniques, using different hammers to create different styles. Once the silver was textured, we moved on to soldering the wire into a round shape with cute little brûlée torches. A quick hammering back into shape, a pickle and a tumble, you got yourself a cute set of bespoke rings! I was surprised at how easy and fun it was to make myself some silver jewellery.


After I finished making the stacker rings, I was feeling pretty confident and moved on to creating the circle rings and because I have always loved those little rings that sit on your forefingers, I made one of those too. Oh my gosh, I just adore them all.

I am definitely making more rings, I will be making all the silver rings.


3 thoughts on “Silver stacker rings

  1. I think it is a memorable experience when we can make a ring for our lover… I’ll try to learn it and someday I want to make one for mine, too. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, that would be great! It would certainly be special. Crystal

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