DIY scarf with pom-poms

The weather here has been crazy lately. We are halfway through Autumn and it is still so warm! There hasn’t even been a frost yet! It’s a perfect time of year for layering singlets, cardigans and scarves. I’m also a huge scarf fan, as they can always up style a plain outfit. I love those videos that show you a gazillion ways to tie a scarf. Although I know you can wear it endless ways, I usually do a complicated drape. You know, where you wrap it round once! I think the square scarf makes it look a bit fancier than it really is.

This is a really easy DIY. Just pick some killer fabric and trim it with pom-poms to create your very own super cute scarf!

DIY scarf with pom-poms
DIY scarf with pom-poms

Scarf with pom-poms tutorial


  • 1 metre/yard of light weight fabric such as viole or georgette
  • 4 metres of pom-pom trim
  • Rolled hem foot (optional)
  • General sewing supplies

Do it yourself scarf with pom-poms


Cut all the selvedges off your fabric. Fold one corner of the fabric diagonally until it meets the opposite edge, forming a triangle. Cut the excess fabric along the edge of the triangle off to create a square of fabric. To start your hem rolling, press about 4 inches of the edge of the fabric to the wrong side 3/8 inch and then again a 1/4 inch. This will enclose the raw edge.

Place your foot on top of the pressed hem, lining up the outer edge of the hem with the inside edge of the foot. Take a couple of stitches, pop in a quick back stitch and sew for about two inches. Stop with your needle down then manoeuvre your fabric so it is rolled up in the foot. Continue sewing, making sure your fabric keeps on rolling in the foot. Once you hit the end of the fabric, backstitch a couple of stitches to finish up. Carry on hemming the edge in this way until all four sides are finished.

On the wrong side of the scarf, place the end of the pom-pom trim in one corner. Using your standard foot, sew down the middle of the trim, securing it in place.When you get to the corner, backstitch and cut your thread. Lift your needle and fold the binding over on itself to make a neat, squared edge. When you get back to the beginning, cut the trim so it is flush with that first corner. Back stitch to finish off.

Note: My Juki comes with a rolled hem foot, which means making a rolled hem fast and easy. If you don’t have one, iron the edge of your fabric in 3/8 inch and again 1/4 inch. Using a regular foot, stitch down the edge for a faux rolled hem.


Do it yourself scarf with pom-poms

Voilà! A fabulous scarf to complete your outfit. I think I might make one in all the colours…

What’s your favourite way to wear a scarf? Do you do something a bit different or keep it simple?

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