Getting started and fabric slab tutorial

Raspberry Applique is made up of nine blocks, which will be released at the start of each month. To get you on your way, this tutorial explains what you will need to get started and the instructions for the ‘fabric slabs’ if you want to add an extra, modern element to your quilt. Getting started […]

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Cutting textile waste one stitch at a time

Every year, the average Australian buys 27 kilos a fabric EACH. My guess is they are not a quilter! I saw a statistic recently – in the last 12 months a ‘dedicated quilter’ bought an average of 90 meters of fabric. 90 meters. In. One. Year. Thats the equivalent of 36 jelly rolls, 97 t-shirts […]

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Saving money and quilting can totally be done!

How to save money quilting and keep on sewing

Quilting can be an expensive hobby – no doubt about it. There are some essentials that you can’t live without. For me, that’s my sewing machine, sewing table, mat, rotary blade, my general sewing supplies, a fabric stash, batting, threads and the list goes on and on… And we all know just how addictive quilting is! […]

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Modern Colour Workshop, an extract

The following is an extract from Crystal’s online book – Modern Colour Workshop. The book covers the essentials of colour theory and explores how it relates to choosing fabrics for your quilts. You will learn about colour relationships and why they matter; how to curate a colour palette using a variety of techniques; and the […]

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Carribean dream quilt

Caribbean Dreams quilts

Caribbean dreaming lead to the creation of this quilt, when I fell in love with Jamaican culture through dance and music last year. This quilt aims to capture and celebrate the riddims, spirit and irie vibes I found in Dancehall. Bonus pic of me with my dance crew at the end of this post! Download […]

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Quilts in pop culture

Have you noticed all the quilts popping up lately? If you’re a total quilt addict like, me, they’re always everywhere,  and it’s always exciting to see them in the background of TV or movie scenes. I mean, How to Make an American Quilt has been around forever but recently, I feel like they are all […]

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The secret life of cotton

Have you ever thought about cotton beyond buying fabric at the quilt store or checking the label on your clothing? As a textile lover, cotton has always held a special place in my heart. Cotton is a beautiful fibre, which is highly versatile as well as soft, natural and breathable. I love to wear cotton […]

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Quilt as you go hexagons tutorial #hexyalong

I don’t know what it has been lately, but I am really craving hand piecing projects. Maybe its the extra hours in lecture theatres (even the most interesting subject would mean nodding off!), or maybe it’s a re-found desire to create using my hands. These quilt as you go hexagons are perfect for keeping hands […]

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Juki brand ambassador and fashion school memories

It’s such an honour to be chosen as a Juki brand ambassador. You know how much I love quilting and sewing, but did you know that I have over ten years quilting experience, with a background in fashion design and desktop publishing? It’s true! I went to fashion school 15 years ago and I am […]

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Breathing to a new beat

My favourite colouring in books

Hands up who else loves colouring in books? It is such a relaxing way to wind down and has become really popular pastime for adults too. There are so many great books made especially for adults now and I have even seen Facebook groups popping up. And it’s not just a passing fad, there have been […]

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